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Nowadays our people trained to be specialists . What is a specialist ? A specialist is one who knows more and more about "less" until he knows all about "nothing." The annual school work load is achieved by " top to bottom " , ie the average of the poorer students to achieve the target class . What happened? The teacher will repeat as long as the fabric until it understood the poorer students . According to this school policy, we find an extremely sunken level of knowledge! Congratulations! With our existing system even the gifted under the pupils are then fitted after a while with moderate knowledge.

Where are we going and what is the solution ?
Almost all countries include almost all products from China. There are Chinese from childhood trained. All technologies with trained engineers can be found in China. Food is cheap imported by corporations from the Third World. What future awaits our children?
The potential of the gifted shall be channeled and encouraged.

In America there is a program in which gifted children particularly encouraged that depending on giftedness , there is a whole school or at least partial funding in the special talent. In Europe there are the few schools that have specialized in giftedness , mostly as a private school and some of them are even marked religious.

2 % of the world regardless of origin or nationality has an IQ above 130 These people have a potential that needs to be promoted in the positive direction from a young age, because there were always only few people, who have changed the world. Gifted and talented people were always and there always will be. Most of them excel with special behavior : positive or negative .

Characteristics :

Depending on the promotion and adaptation to this imprinted positively or negatively in adult life. From a very young talents and gifts and giftedness should be promoted. Every school should offer support programs. Teachers should be trained in psychology.
Gifted people should get the opportunity to discover their full potential and develop positively. This includes specially trained teachers and psychologists who can also accept that the student also may be times wiser.

What is the solution ?
The emphasis must be directed to an improvement and extension of training for all. Also particularly talented and gifted people should be especially encouraged. Our goal is to combine already existing training courses at a local, national and international networks. Additional courses and seminars should volunteer some also pensioners who have valuable knowledge to pass on to children.
Why is everyone addressed and should join?

Each of us has something special. Every child has a dream awareness , a special skill or a dream that you could not meet . As a child we were not supported. Children can not defend themselves , and we should support this very positive. We ask for your support for the true values of humanity for the sake of our future generations ..
Future generations should consist of thinkers and active people, not from consumers who are dependent on products from the supermarkets and Chinese shops and their cheap prices. The training should be diversified and be geared to individual needs , that knowledge is mediated and advancement is not hindered.

Enough is enough! Do something for you and help educating us and our future generations.