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Our governments are always busy. Have you ever tried to write a letter with an urgent proposal to your local government or to the presidents of a country ?

To ensure a conversation or even genuine dialogue with the proposal of the majority of the people between Cabinet and local governments , we offer you our part for you "dialogue" with our people's elected decision-makers that our government with our politicians and the bureaucracy , the officials love to our offices around us to help us and our concerns.

Be what you is all heart and your constructive suggestions to do so. In order not to repeat ideas - use button " Agree." This is enough for a popular referendum . Only then can we love our governments who are always waiting for God's inspiration - at least have an ear for us. We as a people are together and intellegenter much smarter than any consultant or expert of the government .

Here is fragment of the bylaws of our association : more

┬ž 2 goals , purpose and tasks of the association

1 The aim of the association is the promotion of education , science and research , public health , medicine, education, the environment and conservation, as well as development aid and international understanding. The purpose of the Association is to foster and promote public education , particularly gifted and exceptionally gifted children , adolescents and adults.

The club makes it furthermore mission to develop independent , innovative and reasonable individual thinking further , to grant him with specific professional knowledge and practical life skills assistance.

2 The club achieved its objectives, especially through interactive learning programs on the Internet, by issuing its own online club magazine , informing the public and for members of a usable database. To achieve the purpose of the Association , the association may seek the support staff and experts , as well as their other means , also provide steuerbeg├╝nstigsten bodies available.

3 The Association supports the principle of equal opportunities. He will not discriminate because of his nationality, origin , race, color , religion, gender or age in any way or make the qualification for membership depends . The club will also impose these principles to its members and watch over the compliance

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